1.Thrust bearing system: special bearings can support axial forces, the force is parallel to the axis direction of the bearing. This kind of power is simliar to helicopter propeller,when the rotation of the propeller generates enormous downward pressure on air, it won't have any problems which like overheating and break away , when the rotation of the propeller runs druing the high speeds. It's the way use thrust bearing to against the centrifugal force . SP-1300 pedal can offer better performance in cornering acceleration competition, and prevent the loss of a powerful centrifugal
    force pedal stampede function.
    2.Palmary CNC axis milling technology: the axis CNC precision machining after the device for increasing the axis of the grinding Peilin, so the core of roundness tolerances within 0.01MM, enhance smooth operation of the pedal.
    Marwi Group Ventoux Saddles Technology
    1. Mixlight lightweight foam technology, the weight was reduced by 30% than traditional PU foam, the foam support increased by 20%.
    2. Ventoux using the latest aerospace technology / Gravity detector distribution meter, design principle is similar to saddle,the special pan scales flake rendered frame to absorb the reaction force from the rider, it can reducing the impact on th